Our Legacy

Rising with Grace and Glory

We would like to present to you with great pride, a walk through the smooth yet very eventful story behind the process of constructing our fruitful booking engines. Starting from the late 90’s up until this very day, behold the astonishing brilliance in the glorious birth of theglobalbooking.com.

1998, the year IHD (International Hotel Development) was brought into existence. IHD is known to be the honourable mother of hospitality and the essence of global connectivity. For almost 2 decades, IHD has proven its sincere dedication and commitment in providing the best hospitality services for its customers time and time again. However, the times have changed and the world’s demands are constantly growing in complexity. Thus, in order to accommodate the world’s new complex demands, the graceful mother made the decision to pass its 19 year-old legacy to its aspiring child: World Travel Marketing. The child has grown into a distinguished captain serving in the sophisticated ship of global connectivity. World Travel Marketing vowed to serve the citizens of the world and notably managed to succeed in doing so. During the period of the service, our renowned captain gained the world’s utmost respect for providing a world-class experience in the travel and online booking industry. But as we have mentioned earlier, we are living in a world that is rapidly evolving and in constant change. And so, our esteemed captain of hospitality came to the conclusion that it was time for its new-born child, The Global Booking, to take the wheel. It is true that the birth of The Global Booking is very recent, but this is where its fundamental value lies. An awe inspiring combination of traditional, glorious, and modern experiences all present in one youthful booking engine that is theglobalbooking.com. Overflowing with extensive knowledge and advanced mechanisms in the ever-changing industry of travel and accommodation, The Global Booking is the ultimate master in the art of providing the best deals for its users. Being the grandchild of IHD and the new-born of World Travel Marketing is just the cherry on top of the cake; The Global Booking’s advantages are never-ending, ranging from providing its users with affordable deals to guaranteeing class-a accommodation options.

We are not only proud of our rich history and authentic legacy, but most importantly, our numerous accomplishments, success stories and true commitment to serving the people of the world ever since the establishment of IHD in 1998, through the glorious time of World Travel Marketing, and up until now when the creation of The Global Booking has brought the world a brand new and highly-advanced online booking engine.