Cookies Policy

TheGlobalBooking may use cookies when the Users are browsing the Web pages. The cookies that may be used in such websites associate themselves only with the browser of a particular computer terminal (an anonymous User), and does not automatically offer the name or surname of the User. Thanks to the use of cookies, it is possible for TheGlobalBooking to recognise the browsers that the registered Users utilise, once a User has registered one time, in this way avoiding the User having to register every time that they access the Website to access the areas and information specifically aimed at them. The cookies are not able to read the file cookies that may have been left by any other provider. The User has the possibility to configure their browser so that they are warned every time a cookie has been installed and indeed may also cancel the possibility that cookies may be left on their hard drive. Please check the instructions and manuals of your browser for further assistance. The User is not obliged to accept the use of cookies left by TheGlobalBooking, to enable them to access the Website, where such case will mean that the user will have to register for every service that requires previous registration.

The cookies that are used on the sites may be served by TheGlobalBooking, in which case they are served from their servers. As long as you have not deactivated the installation of cookies facility, you may investigate your hard drive to establish in detail where each cookie has come from (please consult your instruction manual on your browser and your operating system (normally, in Windows environments, you may go to the file "C(or the relative disk unit)/Windows/Cookies").