About us

Who We Are

A travel company primarily concerned with providing the best hospitality services for our users by introducing our finest products: theglobalbooking.com. Theglobalbooking.com is the fruit of our pioneers’ hard and dedicated work that enables our users to access the world of luxurious and affordable hospitality. It acts and operates as your very own travel agent to assist you in reaching the different beautiful destinations across our globe. Ultimately, we seek to provide our users with the best stress-free getaway trip.

Today’s Best Choice

We are more than proud to announce our successful attempts at meeting the market’s continuously evolving demands by connecting travel fanatics with their target hotels by contracting with +500,000 hotels across the world, and also by providing the most suitable bargains for our users whether for leisure or business purposes.

Worried About Transportation?

We, at theglobalbooking.com, understand the amount of stress our clients are put under in order to book the smoothest trip they could find. To have an easy-going and stress-free travel experience, one must secure not just the accommodation, but also the means in which they wish to navigate through the cities. Thus we are announcing the addition of a car rental service through which our users can book and rent the car of their dreams.

Our Future

We aim for success and absolute client satisfaction. Our ultimate goal is to be able to provide a full agent-free quality trip, tailored completely by yourself for yourself: a vacation personally arranged to your taste from A to Z. We wish to make that happen in the near future by providing a portal that serves to book airline tickets and arrange car rental services alongside our current wide range of accommodation options.

Security Is Our Priority

Great measures have been taken to ensure the safe and secure process of booking your hotel using our booking engine. Our high level of online security is dedicated to make sure that all your booking and personal details, credit card information, and financial transactions are safe, secure and are not jeopardized by any cyber threats.

What You See Is What You Pay

All our prices are tax included –except for city tax which differs from one city to another. By including all taxes in our final prices, we wish to maintain our reputation for honesty, dignity, and having a record clear of price manipulation.

Meeting Your Demands

By using our booking engine our users can arrange and book the type of hotel that suits them best, that is by having the ability to compare 4 different hotels at one go, benefit from the use of our numerous filters to find the deal they deem best, and enjoy the simplicity of being presented with one clear and detailed rate for every option.

Easy Navigation

Our website benefits from having a simple and clear layout, which helps our clients in navigating through various options with extreme ease and enjoy managing their bookings with a few easy clicks. The absence of complexity in our website is demonstrated in having one clear rate for every hotel option and prices that are tax included to avoid price manipulation.

Portal For Travel Agents

We are happy to offer travel agents the opportunity to remarket our deals and take full advantage of our wide range of accommodation options through connecting them with over 500,000 hotels all over the world. We help travel agents with our advanced XML API technology that is an easy and simple way to provide them with a safe and secure working network which also allows them to track their progress by being able to manage, amend, and cancel bookings upon their clients’ requests.